dimanche 21 janvier 2018

Some Summer Stuff - 2017


- Blocco sconosciuto (Val Bavona)
- Ponk 7c+ (Brione)
- Brezza sottile 8a (Val Calanca)
- Caffé, croissant et gourmandise 7c+ (Gottardo)
- Black Pearl 7c+ (Brione)
- Inferno 7c (Giova)
- Cafelat e campari 8a (Gottardo)
- Kassiopeia 7c+ (Brione)
- The Cruiso 7a (Brione)


- "With My Own Hands" by Ben Harper
- "Boa Sorte (Good Luck)" by Vanessa da Mata e Ben Harper


vendredi 5 mai 2017

Boulder in Brione, Chironico e Giova!

Old and new classics!


- Frogger 8a (Brione)
- From Top to Top 7c+ (Giova)
- Rah Plats Plats 8a (Chironico)
- Pamplemousse 7c+ (Brione)
- Wein der Könige 8a (Brione)
- Le Pilier 8a (Chironico)
- Entwash direct 8a (Brione)
- *Senza nome* 7c+ (Giova) EDIT: name is "Golden dragon"


- "Kingston Town" by Alborosie
- "Sunny Afternoon" by The Kinks
- "You Really Got Me (Mono mix)" by The Kinks
- "KenLos WorKouT" by Alaclair Ensemble


mardi 4 avril 2017

Cresciano [top!] boulders

Some nice problems from last autumn / winter!


- Fantoman 7b+
- Balu der Bär 7b+
- Backgammon sit 8a
- La Pioche 7b+
- Pepper mint 6c
- Hannibal lecter 7b+
- Jungle book 8a
- Santo padre 7b


- Benoît
- Philo
- Stefano


- "Miss Chang" by Chinese Man (feat Taiwan MC & Cyph4)
- "Ragamuffin" by Alborosie

mardi 20 décembre 2016

Closed 24. December to 8. January

Hi everybody !

ticinocrashpad.ch will be closed from the 24. December until the 8. January !

Please send us an e-mail a few days before if you need a crash pad and we will try to organise something for you.

From January we will move for a new location, stay turned for news !

Merry Christmas :-)

jeudi 30 juin 2016

Guidebooks now availables

Guidebooks from Cresciano, Chironico, Gottardo and Avegno are now available in our rental station!

Cresciano CHF 40.00
Chironico CHF 40.00
Gottardo CHF 25.00
Avegno CHF 15.00

lundi 28 mars 2016

Cresciano - March 2016

Bouldering in Cresciano during the last month!


- Frank's seduto 8a+
- Giro giro tondo 7a 
- Lo sai ke non lo so 6a+ 
- Wendenstock forever 7a+
- Senza nome 6b


- Benoît
- Lea


- "All, Now" by Scarecrow Blues Hip Hop (http://www.blueshiphop.com)
- "Love not monnaie (feat. Tribuman)" by Volfoniq (http://www.volfoniq.com)