vendredi 5 mai 2017

Boulder in Brione, Chironico e Giova!

Old and new classics!


- Frogger 8a (Brione)
- From Top to Top 7c+ (Giova)
- Rah Plats Plats 8a (Chironico)
- Pamplemousse 7c+ (Brione)
- Wein der Könige 8a (Brione)
- Le Pilier 8a (Chironico)
- Entwash direct 8a (Brione)
- *Senza nome* 7c+ (Giova) EDIT: name is "Golden dragon"


- "Kingston Town" by Alborosie
- "Sunny Afternoon" by The Kinks
- "You Really Got Me (Mono mix)" by The Kinks
- "KenLos WorKouT" by Alaclair Ensemble


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